Visual Basic .NET Tutorials

Visual Basic is created by Microsoft for building stand alone Windows-based programs and applications. Visual Basic is derived heavily from Basic language. Developers can use it for quickly building GUI applications. If you're looking for a fast way to build programs, consider Visual Basic programming for it may be exactly what you need. Be sure to check out the tutorials in this section!

Recent Visual Basic .NET Tutorials

A Look into Variable Scopes in .NET

In: Visual Basic / .NET May 28, 2009 Declaring variables is a very fundamental requirement in programming and you cannot go anywhere without it. For those of...

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Recursive Programming Part 1 : Factorial

In: Visual Basic / .NET May 28, 2009 This article shows how to do Recursive programming. Uses recursive programming to find a given factorial number...

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Searching Listbox

In: Visual Basic / .NET June 10, 2008 This sample shows how to search item from the listbox., using method that is being introduced in the .NET listbox control...

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Planning The Form Layout in VB.NET

In: Visual Basic / .NET June 09, 2008 This article shows you how to design fairly complicated forms, which can resize, using anchors, docks and panels with a ...

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