MySQL Tutorials

MySQL, is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) which like many commerical packages uses Structured Query Language also known as SQL (pronounced "sequel"). It is popular among Linux/UNIX users as well as PHP programmers, but it is also compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. If you're interested in running MySQL on your systems, these tutorials will help you on your way to developing and using this technology.

Recent MySQL Tutorials

Retrieving Information from a Table

In: MySQL / Basics June 21, 2008 The SELECT statement is a MUST if you plan on using databases...

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Using MySQL in Batch Mode

In: MySQL / Miscellaneous June 19, 2008 You've probably used MySQL interactively to enter queries and view the results. You can also run mysql in batch mode...

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Using MySQL Programs

In: MySQL / Miscellaneous June 15, 2008 This is only a brief overview of the programs provided by MySQL AB and discusses how to specify options when you run these...

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Database Administration

In: MySQL / Miscellaneous June 12, 2008 Administering a MySQL installation, such as configuring the server, managing user accounts, and performing backups...

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Replication in MySQL

In: MySQL / Miscellaneous June 11, 2008 Replication capabilities allowing the databases on one MySQL server to be duplicated on another...

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10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries

In: MySQL / Miscellaneous June 09, 2008 This is a good article that explains 10 top tips in order to optimize mysql. This tutorial will teach you how to make mysql...

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