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Gimp is a free and open-source alternative to high priced, professional graphics editing programs such as Fireworks and Photoshop. You can achieve almost the same effects with this program. Learn how to create abstracts, animation, photo effects, basics, brushes, dazzling color effects, and more.

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Mac Style Wallpaper Tutorial

In: Gimp / Abstracts June 05, 2008 Saw this great Wallpaper tutorial on by Collis for PS and i really liked the outcome, i have re-created it with...

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Creating Rain Animation in GIMP

In: Gimp / Animation June 05, 2008 Start from a photo or drawing, transform it in animation bu creating multiple layers and and a fake rain using motion blur...

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Paths, Selections, and Channels

In: Gimp / Basics June 05, 2008 This tutorials shows how paths, selections and channels work in one single project...

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How to Use GIMP - Tips and Tricks

In: Gimp / Basics June 05, 2008 A basic tutorial showing how to download, tips, tricks, installation and use the Gimp...

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Adding Brushes in GIMP

In: Gimp / Brushes June 05, 2008 This tutorial describes how to add new brushes to the GIMP program...

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Creating Mac Buttons

In: Gimp / Buttons June 05, 2008 A tutorial anyone can follow for making an attractive mac-style button...

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Make a Button with Rounded Corners

In: Gimp / Buttons June 05, 2008 Make a sleek looking button with rounded corners, in a few simple steps...

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How to Create Cartoon Clouds

In: Gimp / Digital Art June 05, 2008 This tutorial will teach you how to make fluffy cartoon clouds...

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How to Create a Simple Graphic Button

In: Gimp / Buttons June 03, 2008 Learn how to make a simple yet effective button for websites and web pages...

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