Blender 3D Modeling Tutorials

Blender is a free open-source alternative for 3D content creation. Learn how to use Blender for creating 3D graphics for web or video use. You can develop almost the same effects as compared to high price 3D design or rendering programs.

Recent Blender 3D Modeling Tutorials

Reference Images

In: Blender 3D / Modeling November 10, 2009 Learn how to find, edit, and set up good reference images in Blender 3D...

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Curved Arrays

In: Blender 3D / Modeling August 31, 2009 Learn how to curve arrays of objects so that you can make walkways and 3d paths...

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Playing with Hair

In: Blender 3D / Modeling August 29, 2009 Go beyond making basic grass and hair and learn how to take control of the particle hair in Blender...

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Car Modeling

In: Blender 3D / Modeling June 27, 2009 Go through an extensive tutorial showing you all of the steps that it takes to model a detailed car, or any vehicle, in ...

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SubSurf Modeling Tutorial

In: Blender 3D / Modeling July 02, 2008 This tutorial will teach you how to make a little octopus, using the "subsurf" functionality of Blender, which allows you...

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